Pasukan rali Proton teruskan kemaraan walaupun agak ketinggalan


Walaupun bermula dengan baik pada hari pertama, namun nasib tidak menyebelahi pasukan rali Proton di saingan hari kedua Rali New Caledonia. Jentera Satria Neo S2000 yang dipandu oleh PG Andersson terpaksa menghadapi kesukaran setelah enjin jentera tersebut mengalami masalah setelah dimasuki air.

Disebabkan punca tersebut, jentera tersebut telah kehilangan kuasa dan terpaksa dipandu di bawah kemampuan sebenar. Namun kedudukan PG Andersson cuma jatuh ditempat keempat, 14 minit dibelakang pendahulu saingan. Diharapkan pada hari terakhir esok mereka dapat membuat kebangkitan, ayuh Proton!!!

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  • APRC 2012 New Caledonia.

    1. Gaurav Gill (Skoda Fabia S2000)
    2. Chris Atkinson (Skoda Fabia S2000)
    3. Brian Green (Mitsubishi Evo 9)

    Kebanyakan kereta menghadapi masalah enjin dimasuki air termasuk Skoda, Proton dan Citroen DS3. Tapi Proton lebih malang apabila air merosakkan sistem elektrikal..

    Jean-Louis Leyraud yg memandu Citroen DS3 sempat melawak ‘Maybe they don’t have fords like this in France’ – ‘Mungkin mereka tidak memiliki tempat-tempat penyeberangan seperti ini di Perancis’. Citroen beliau juga ‘kong’ terkena air.

    Skoda Fabia merupakan jentera terbaik setakat ini. Teknologi enjin daripada VW ni ternyata lebih ampuh berbanding Proton. Nasib baik APRC cuma hanya ada Skoda sahaja. Kalau Ford dan Peugeot pun masuk, alamat susah Proton nak jenguk podium..

    Teruskan berusaha Pasukan Proton.

  • off topic sikit:

    infiniti/nisaan going to use lotus evora platform… definetly i will call stupid people to DRB if they want to sell lotus..

    The Evolution of The Lotus Evora Hybrid: The Infiniti Emerg-E Concept
    Rating (4.5/5) 4.5 Star Rating 44 users
    Mark Curtis

    It might sound confusing at first, but the Infiniti Emerg-E concept car revealed at Geneva a little while ago indeed shares a good deal with the Lotus Evora Hybrid. Back in March, the Infiniti attracted a lot of attention, of course in a positive way. Many thought that the concept will share the fate of almost all concept cars and after the show was over it will be scratched.

    If we listen closely to what Car and Driver says, the Infiniti Emerg-E plans to be much more than that. The best proof is the platform it uses, as well as drivetrain. Both come from Lotus, the company which is the subject of many rumors concerning its future.

    The platform in question is the one used in the Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid. This piece of equipment was developed with the help of Britain’s Technology Strategy Board and their money. As many have put it, consider it the island’s Department of Energy. There are a number of characteristics that set this platform apart and make it similar to other platforms.

    Extruded aluminum sections are glued together with the help special adhesive, a feature that can be found on the Tesla Roadster and any other Lotus car, naturally. The aluminum grants it low weight (a mere 450 pounds) and structural stability, thus making it the perfect skeleton for a sports car to be built on.

    Of course, that isn’t the only place where this material was used. The suspensions see it too. What’s more is that the Infiniti and Lotus both use Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs for even better performance levels. Also, since we are talking about hybrids, regenerative braking is introduced to both brands. It would have been awkward if they didn’t.

    As far as motorization is involved, know that 2 electric motors will do their best in order to provide the car with about 402 horses and nearly 740 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers are enough to propel it to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 138 mph.

    The battery pack only has enough juice for 30 electric miles; not surprising considering the 15 kWh capacity. After that Lotus once again saves the day with a 3 cylinder engine displacing 1.2 liters, a strong enough engine for 50 horsepower to be pumped.

    The thing that sets this range-extender apart from the crowd is that it is specially designed for hybrids and optimized for constant running speeds. It is responsible for pushing the car 270 miles more before a gas refill is needed.

    That about covers the important aspects of this Infiniti; looks were not an issue about this brand and still aren’t. When or better yet if, the car goes into production it will be sure to attract a good customer base. Anyway, it will most likely perform better than the current lineup. Of course, looks and power are not the only things that sell a car, so before diving into a sea of speculation, we should wait for an official decision to be made.

    • kalau tak faham gak… ni lagi satu article..

      The Infiniti Emerg-E from the Geneva Motor Show was actually a Lotus Evora 414E under the skin making production more likely.

      One of the stars of the Geneva Motor Show in March was the stunningly good looking Infiniti Emerg-E, a range-extender sports car from Nissan’s posh arm offering 402bhp from a pair of electric motors and a range-extending 1.2 litre 3-cylinder engine.

      We knew at Geneva that the 3-cylinder range-extender engine came from Lotus – no surprise as they’ve also supplied the same engine to Jaguar for testing in the XJ Limo Green Hybrid – but what we didn’t know (although we should have worked it out) was that under the skin the Infiniti Emerg-E was actually a Lotus Evora.

      And not just a Lotus Evora, but it would seem a re-skinned version of the Lotus Evora 414E we saw at Geneva two years ago. Which should mean the Emerg-E is far more production possible than we thought.

      At Geneva Infiniti admitted they’d need outside help to produce the Emerg-E, particularly with the carbon fibre body. But it looks as if no such help will be necessary with everything under the skin a long way towards sorted by Lotus.

      A production Infiniti Emerg-E should come in at under £100k and would give Infiniti a proper halo car with a real eco glow.

      And now it looks even more possible.

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