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Proton lancar rekabentuk Teksi ‘1Malaysia’



Proton telah bekerjasama dengan Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) untuk menjayakan Program Teksi ‘1Malaysia’ sejajar dengan Pelan Transformasi Kerajaan(GTP). Model Exora telah dipilih sebagai rekabentuk teksi ‘1Malaysia’ dan ini bukan sahaja mampu menaiktaraf industri serta perkhidmatan teksi, malah dapat membantu merancakkan industri pelancongan negara secara amnya.

Terdapat dalam transmisi manual dan automatik, ciri-ciri yang menarik untuk Proton Exora yang telah diubahsuai menjadi teksi ialah kabin yang luas, ruang kaki dan boot yang memastikan keselesaan penumpang dan pemandu. Kenderaan itu juga didatangkan dengan kerusi bahagian kedua yang boleh dilipat penuh untuk tambahan ruang.


Ciri-ciri keselamatan yang ada pada kenderaan ini adalah beg udara untuk pemandu dan penumpang serta sistem ABS dengan EBD. Sebagai tambahan, Proton Exora ini telah dipasang dengan aksesori teksi seperti meter teksi, kemudahan kad kredit/debit dan data terminal bergerak, selain kit NGV OEM.

Penglibatan Proton dalam industri teksi negara bermula pada tahun 80an semasa Proton dilantik menjadi pengedar tunggal untuk teksi bajet. Sehingga kini Proton telahpun membekalkan sebanyak 60,000 kenderaan pelbagai model, bermula dari Iswara, Waja, Saga dan Persona.


Harga bagi Proton Exora teksi adalah sekitar RM64,000, tidak termasuk geran kerajaan RM5,000 melalui 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB). Untuk pemilik individu, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) menawarkan pinjaman khas sehingga sembilan tahun. 1000 unit Proton Exora teksi bakal diserah oleh Proton kepada SPAD bermula dari Jun 2013 dengan penghantaran pertama 200 unit dan selebihnya diserahkan secara berperingkat-peringkat sehingga hujung Oktober 2013.

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  • Adakah Proton bakal mengeluarkan superbike?
    berita lama, jumpa article ni semasa mencari info motor Superbike PETRONAS FP1…

    Hoard of Foggy-Petronas FP1 road bikes found in Essex

    MCN has discovered a secret hoard of 60 £25,000 Foggy-Petronas FP1 road bikes in a bunker in Essex.

    Carl Fogarty – race team manager and figurehead of the ill-fated FP1 project – said when told the news: “You’re joking – that’s amazing!” It had been thought – and stated by the team – that the bikes were shipped to Malaysia five years ago and disposed of. But in fact virtually all the bikes initially produced to homologated the FP1 for WSB racing are still on UK soil.

    The collection – worth around £2m – is held in a state of suspended animation awaiting, with the bikes’ owner – Malaysian oil giant Petronas – keen to draw a veil over the whole episode. The firm burned £30m on a WSB program that was intended to kick-start a Ducati-sized bike manufacturing business in Malaysia, but in fact petered out with a 21st place championship finish in 2006.

    The bikes were manufactured for Petronas by engineering firm MSX International in Basildon in Essex in record time in 2002, around engines designed by Austrian firm Suter Racing. The idea was that the production process would then be replicated in Malaysia and form the start of a range of higher and lower-spec bikes running to ten thousand and more. 75 road bikes were built in Essex, followed by another 75 in Malaysia six months later, where this famous homologation shot was taken (left).
    Though the business that produced this first batch has since changed hands the bikes are still there, now in possession of engineering firm Arrk R&D, which also retains key MSXI staff who worked on the FP1. Tony White is one of them: “They were perfect” is all he will say about the bikes, the existence of which Petronas gagging orders prevent him from acknowledging.

    As chief executive of Foggy Petronas Racing, Murray Treece was the go-between for Petronas and the UK engineers who developed the road bike. He says: “Our staff developed the race bike and then were involved in transferring the design and supplier information over to the road bike team. Exactly what happened after that to the road bikes is unknown (by me at least).”

    It was a transition in which the FP1 lost virtually none of its clean racing looks, but a fair chunk of its power – down to 127bhp from 185bhp. Even so, at 181kg it should still have been a competitive road bike – though it was never released for road test. Eight years later only the non-radial brakes date the stark, stylish lines of the turquoise triples.

    Foggy said at the time: “There is no doubt that this will be the most beautiful bike on the roads. It combines cutting edge technology with real elegance and has set new standards at the top end of the road bike market”. Treece echoes: “It was a beautiful looking and sounding machine. I wish I owned one”.

    Treece believes Petronas underestimated the challenge in bringing a bike to market in such a short time with no infrastructure.

    Priceless or worthless?
    What does eight years do to the value of a now-outdated but ultra-exclusive superbike that failed to launch? “It’s tricky” says motorcycle valuation expert for auction house Bonhams Ben Whitworth. “The Petronas might be a bit long in the tooth compared to modern top-flight superbikes costing around £15,000, but the kudos of owning such a limited edition is certainly comparable to Ducati’s Desmosedici at £40-45,000. Very broadly speaking I reckon an example would be between £15,000-25,000. But until one is actually sold at auction and sets a precedent that remains very much a guestimate. It would be fascinating to see.”

    Arrk’s Tony White doesn’t agree: “It was a great project to work on that culminated in the build of 150 great bikes – we had everything done down to the owner and dealer manuals.”

    In fact the FP1 did eventually go on sale in 2005 – but only in one dealership, in Malaysia, called Naza Bikers Dream – where a pair were still for sale in 2009 for £31,433 each. How long this treasure trove of a tomb will remain unopened lies at Petronas’ discretion. And it’s not a volume in their history they appear keen to exhume.

  • Mat Salih pun teruja ngan Foggy PETRONAS FP1……
    see the video..

    Video: Foggy Petronas FP1 ridden on the road
    By MCN –
    First rides & tests
    05 April 2012 16:58

    The road-going Foggy Petronas FP1 looks like a well prepared Superbike and it’s a case of the more you look, the more you see. It’s all about the detail and this bike is blessed.

    The ultra clean and smooth body work still looks modern and enhances its beautiful styling and overall proportions.

    Every piece of the bodywork is carbon fibre and closer inspection reveals that the entire sub frame structure and seat unit is also carbon – forget WSB, this is MotoGP territory.

    10 years after its launch, we’ve finally ridden it. Revealed in 2002, the FP1 was set to spawn a superbike dynasty to rival Ducati. The first 150 road bikes were built, but never ridden. Until now…

    MCN got the chance to ride a road FP1 in Switzerland thanks to owner Livio Kagi.

  • Bagus2 jugak, tapi untuk teksi kalau boleh buat yg HIGH ROOF. Baru betul teksi. Memudahkan orang keluar masuk. Typical car untuk family jarang org keluar masuk so low roof tak ada masalah. Berbanding taksi yg 24/7 org keluar masuk. HIGH ROOF is better.

  • nampakna proton dah menyahut saranan kerajaan untuk menurunkan kos kenderaan..dengan segala kelengkapan yang ada dan juga tambah nilai yang ada pada exora ini, masih boleh d jual dengan harga 64k…

    kalau ikut tm, harga proton dengan enjin sediri jauh lebih rendah…kerana kos enjin hanyalah 20 hingga 25 peratus berbanding proton menggunakan enjin pengeluar lain…sepatutnya proton waja pengguna campro pertama boleh d turunkan sehingga 40k hingga 45k…tapi proton lepas tu tamak…

    proton kena berusaha untuk menurunkan lagi harga kereta kepada lebih mampu kerana enjin adalah enjin sendiri…dan harga kos lain termasuklah aksesori keselamatan dapat d tambahkan lagi pada semasa ke semasa

  • Saya menunggu konsep lekiu (kalo tak silap) sebenarnya, untuk direalisasikan. Melihat Nissan livina X keluar dahulu, saya rasa tan chong patut dipuji kerana pantas menangguk peluang..

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