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Gambar telah diemail kepada saya oleh bro Savvy88. Nampaknya kita boleh tau sikit sebanyak mengenai info enjin Campro IAFM+ 1.3 &1.6. Terima kasih bro Savvy88 kerana sudi berkongsi info in dengan kita.. 🙂

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  • sama2 bro campro. sama2lh kite share2 keterujaan kita thdap proton. based on gmbr tu mnnjukkn saga flx mmg guna enjin iafm+. dan varian 1.6 akan dlncrkn jgk. torque sma power dgn cps @ 150nm tp pd rpm yg lbh rndh klw x slp sye.

  • camp i think this data is from owner’s manual handbook,

    another handbook info which is good to find is the manual gatreg gearbox spec, those manual will specify the ratio from 1- 5th gear as well as the final reduction ratio for 1.3 and 1.6.

    most importantly we can compare it with the FL model which using the mitsubishi made.
    simple calculation is 5th gear ratio multiply by final drive. it gives the idea how FL incomparison to FLX when cruising on the highway in manual fifth gear.

    • klau orang johor/singapore, prkataan gerek tu dgunakan utk mggmbrkn sesuatu yg bgus/gempak/canggih.. cth: “gerek seh kau punya pen boleh lipat..!!”

      tp dlm bhse inggeris, gerek dan lejang tu ialah bore and stroke.

  • not that much different interm of torque and output. if graph shown maybe not much changes.
    if the the initial plan of PLUS means VVT. than we can see some obvious shift of power and torque curve.
    no VVT due to cost.

    if we look at the video during 100kmh the rpm is hunting between 2500 and 3000. this is because the torque peak at 4000 and almost saying that 2500 not yet gain enough.
    if torque say peaked at 3000. or flattened at 3000 and garadually peaked at 4000.than the engine rpm of 2500 is strong enough to push the car for 100km/h then it will reduce speed hunting.

    i hope im wrong, but i will test the car to prove either im right or wrong.

  • bagi 1.6 IAFm..torque da same gan CPS 150NM…best la..even B16A pon torque x sampai 150NM…gagah betol engine nie…satu yg menarik pasai RPM tuk power da dikurangkn kpd 5750rpm…makin best la drive kt bandar..kompom da xde torque dip lg… nye engine…

  • i manage to get the specification of the manual gearbox, gatreg supposedly

    for 1.3 iafm+ FLX

    final drive=3.80

    for 1.6 iafm+ FLX

    final drive=3.80

    for 1.3 iafm BLM

    final drive=4.705

    for 1.6 iafm BLM (TAXI)

    final drive=4.052

    briefly,, for the highway cruise..gatreg runs at lower engine speed ,
    how? gatregs’ fifth gear multiply with final drive giving lower values.

  • i hope u wrong awak :-). Em, i think u expectation for this 1.3 litter engine is too high since its actually saga, not savvy. The same thing will happen for vios(since nearly similar weight) if use myvi engine, but i think worse than iafm plus 1.3 i guess. But dont know whether it doesnt have enough torque or due to simulation, not real gear or due to anthony lim right foot coz suddenly over stamp on the pedal when the speed reach 100kmh since it is torque based ecu,so it will be sensitive since for 1050 kg of car that only have 120nm torque, but if 140nm,it will be good. . The best way is to test drive ourself in cvt mode,ramp up until 2.5k, n see whether it really lethargic or good to reach 100kmh. If power is linear without having too much stress on the engine,so it is good.hopefully we can solve this puzzle our self

  • yup,i know, already watch it. Just chat with bro awak about his question earlier becoz during sat mode, at 100kmh, suddenly the rpm needle ramp up to 3k rpm from 2.5k rpm n settle down back when the speed reach 100++ n cruise at 3k rpm@120kmh. Em,already share my experience earlier when driving my sis vios 1.5g spec n my father blm first edition,both auto, drive from kuantan to nilai n went back to ktn with 5 adult onboard. Both cars dont have any prob to maintain speed between 120 to 140kmh albeit saga engine sounds louder than vios, but both has the same problem,when to maintain speed of 140kmh, both have gear hunting problem from 4th to 3rd gear,thats on flat road, on karak hway, both occasionally drop to 2nd gear when climb up(of course coz i want to maintain 100++ speed),i actually shocked coz i thought 1.5 versus 1.3 at nearly same weight,have nearly same driving experience. Vios fc save just a little bit coz for blm,manage to get 350km for rm 50 n vios only need to pay rm47 for the same mileage. So rm 3 saving i guess. Compare to my waja, never gear hunting on the same flat road when maintaining the same speed. Only thing i applause the vios that it throttle is a little bit responsive compare to blm n my waja. The other thing i exhibit that every time i drive through road hump, in vios,it always change to the first gear compare to blm n waja,still maintain 2nd gear. Maybe thats why vios felt briskier@org biasa ckp pickup dr wblm@waja. Well i think with 32bit ecu torque baseed n new tuning, it will atleast match what i exhibit in vios or batter it. But donno why people say myvi ..dauto is pickup becoz for me,it is actually lazier even compare to old saga except it is sharper on throttle response, but not in speed. The same as myvi manual when i compare with blm manual. Only fc better a little bit, but with such high price,it is not worth the saving at all. But that is my personal view only

    • paying a car ,same as paying 2 protons, and also people always forgot the amount of insurance to pay. .
      and people say the value maintain ,,,yessss, as well as the the value insured need to be paid.

  • just got a calculation of the car velocity in 5th gear at 3000rpm with manual gatreg gearbox.

    1.3 iafm+ 5 manual gatreg tire size 185/60/14
    3000rpm = 97.8km/h

    1.6 iafm+ 5 manual gatreg tire size 185/60/14
    3000rpm = 113.7km/h

    i can say 1.3 FLX manual is 3000rpm=100kmh
    and 1.6 FLX manual is 3000rpm=115km/h
    ( proton gen 2 ,1.6 campro auto, 3000=110 )

    1.6 FLX manual have a good overdrive factor not sure the capability of the engine since there is no graph to see but at 3000 the engine is lively already.. moving towards the peak torque 4000 , the car is travelling 153km/h no problem i think, this baby is fast,,,but at this speed ,wind resistance, down force, suspension rate, ride height are all must count.

  • Agree with awak,flx 1.3 cruise @3k rpm@100kmh,meanwhile 1.6flx [email protected] rpm@100kmh. In theory,1.3 iafm plus in 4th can speed up to 140kmh n 1.6 iafm plus 4th@170kmh max @5750rpm which is good already. Older iafm 1.3 cruise @ 3.2k rpm @ 100kmh while 1.6 @ 2.9k@100kmh. See some improvement in cruising rpm that will translate better fc n slower engine sound

  • i have a friend who bought t wish recond last year, pay more than 120k for it. It a good buy i must say. Recently, gripes on fuel price bcoz his mpv need ron97 to run, n time to change tire, try to search for 2nd tires for balik kampung raya bcoz no money since just renew th roadtax n insurance. Em,thats problem with malaysian mentality, as long as the car make u look good,it is a good one, never car about safety aspect even for own family. For me,u buy a little expensive car,why need to complain on fuel price, insurance n roadtax,then used 2nd tyres coz nak jimat. If u afford to buy that car, make sure u also can maintain it. Dont want to buy local mpv such as exora n alza coz org x pandang. One more thing,if i not mistaken, vvt engine actually need to run on higher octane to operate smoothly since when the cam degree need to advance, so the ignition timing,if timing increase,it needs better octane to produce perfect combustion. The same case as my sis vios, if pour ron95,the performace is poor,the same as 1.3 iafm engine,but if change to 97, it gains noticable performance n more milage but considering the price u pay for 97 fuel,its not saving at all.

    • Betul..

      Memiliki sesebuah aset perlu mengambil kira kos penyelenggaraan dan kos operasi. Untuk sebuah kereta, kos operasinya ialah bahanapi dan kos penyelenggaraan ialah servis berkala.

      Dan bila kos tersebut dikurangkan, prestasi sebenar kereta tersebut pastinya menurun, aspek keselamatan terjejas dan lama kelamaan memendekkan jangka hayat kereta.

      Saya setuju dgn bro mat, beli kereta mahal, jangan fikir pasal nak jimat minyak.

  • i only worry on mline persona r that use this 1.6 iafm plus engine since the body is bigger, i believe the weight shud be around 1300++kg@nearly as forte. Many people will complain on underpower this time even before test drive it. People will look at the power figure which is less than forte 1.6. So proton must show the power n torque graph to convince people about the new powrtrain,atleast make a comparison between old iafm n cps. Even the power output is less than cps,if the graph showing better torque n power spread throughout the rev range n total powerloss for old gearbox compare to new one,i think that shud be enough. Maybe some creative marketing tag line like petronas, xperience to believe.

    • cant tell how persona replacement sort this out. at least the original plan of iafm+ to be installed with vvt is for real. kia forte engine spec is dual continuous variable valve timing for its 1.6. .for that kind of segment we need to be at least be ready to exploit the technology from phoenix project.

      but with cfe engine variant it will turn persona r to be a superstar.

  • i heard that the ‘plus’ is about cam-profile change?

    for the engine, the power output is sure high enough, considering no VVT-like system.

    the cam-profile surely to match with the cvt lower engine speed operations.

    • all we can do guessing how they alter the cam lobes.
      we hope PROTON can reveal this because its actually no secrect.
      if we buy haynes workshop manuals, all variants are spec-ed in detail like ignition timing, cam lift, heel to toe, ,,,etc,

      its knowledge, why not .

  • full tank proton inspira berapa liter yek?
    harini baca harian metro ahad, ada iklan tester bawak proton inspira 2.0, dgn tangki penuh dapat pergi sampai 934km.. wah!!

    kete satria neo cps auto aku dengan full tank just dpt pergi around 450km je.. jauh beza!!!!!

    tau camtu aku angkat proton inspira je dulu..power pn power, mivec towww…

    aku pernah berambat dgn lancer GT, time aku drive 140kmh, kete lancer GT tu selambe je potong aku mcm pakai enjin jet je.. walupun aku dah tekan minyak rapat…

    • Bro, biar betul dah tekan minyak rapat dapat 140 kmh je. Saya bwk Waja CPS yg lbh berat senang2 jer dpt 170.. tu pun leh tekan byk lg.. tp x berani la sbb takut hilang kawalan..

      • tak, kete aku top speed pernah cecah just 160kmh je..aku rasa ada cut off..normally bila dh cecah 140kmh, pastu baru nk henjut myk mmg berat la sbb bila sampai 160kmh terus je meter static kat situ even dh tekan rapat mana pn..

        erk…cam ne nk buang cut off yek???

    • Bro, better jangan banding mileage yang diorang dapat time pertandingan camtu. Sebab semua yang masuk tu tak drive macam real world pun.

  • aku pakai lancer gt, highway paling tinggi aku leh dpt 13.3km/l at 110km/h buka aircon.. full tank 59liter. So, leh dapat 785km..Org yg test drive tu leh dapat 934km coz dia org bwk 80~90km/h dgn aircon off.. Mana bleh nak off aircon duk kat Malaysia..panas ooo…

    • kete neo cps aku normally dapat 9.3km/l on daily drive on city road..8km/l for long distance drive..
      maybe sbb auto yg just ada 4 gear je..coz at 100kmh jarum rpm dh duk kat 3000rpm..compared dgn honda crv ( pakai gearbox cvt aku rasa ), on 140kmh, jarum rpm duk dlm average 2500-2700rpm je..

      jeles betol aku tgk!!

      • waja ev aku bole sampai 170km, tak berani nak tekan lagi, tp handling ok je laju2 pun, tiap-tiap hari guna dlm city 40 minit jem gila, highway 20 minit tak jem , petrol 9.5km/l , tapi kalau tak jem masa cuti sekolah boleh dalam 10+km/l. tak boleh nak jimat lagi mungkin pasal pakai tayar 16″ saiz perdana, dia bg resistance atas jalan tp cornering dan high speed cruising mmg sedap la

        balik kpd, citer iafm+ 1.6, tgk spek dia lg bagus drpd enjin mazda3 sport 1.6, percaya tak?

      • “Unlike the two earlier runs, this one by Proton was much more realistic in that the organizers set conditions that forbade extreme ‘techniques’ to stretch each litre. With most runs, other than setting a specific time to arrive at a destination – with penalties for lateness – there are no other conditions as to how the driving is done. So it was possible to switch off the air-conditioner (to eliminate compressor load), increase tyres pressure substantially (to reduce rolling resistance) and roll downhill in neutral gear. You can get fantastic fuel economy doing these things but who really does their motoring like that? For the PIEC, all these techniques were forbidden and to ensure that the participants didn’t cheat, an independent observer was placed in each car.” aku tlg quote je..

  • dalam artikel tu ckp diaorg dapat 13km/l sama dgn ape yg aku dapat..mcmana diaorg kira? kalau fulltank 59L so, 13km/l x 59L = 767KM. Mcmana diaorg leh dapat smpai 900KM. aku rasa diaorg test ikut meter mileage.. jd sensor jarak ke stesen minyak xbrp tepat la.. kalau di kira betul2 lancer/inspira leh dapat 15.3KM/L bukan 13km/l. CVT mmg jimat..

  • good jobs tp proton xptt buat camni..nape launch 1.6 sblm nie klu dh ada plan nk launch 1.6 cvt..naya custmr yg dh beli,hati mst panas..rapat sgt time diorg launch..

  • kalau tgk max tork enjin 1.6 iafm+ ni dah sama dgn enjin cps…malah rpm lebih rendah utk capai 150nm berbanding enjin cps.

    kdg2 aku rasa enjin iafm ni lg power banding dgn cps sbb aku nak tekan minyak utk jejak 120kmh pun rasa berat…tu yg senang2 je kena cucuk dgn persona ke saga blm.

      • i have something to ponder.
        power to weight ratio.-
        2 cars
        1 wtih 2 litre patrol bigger body with x power to weight ratio
        1 with 1,6 litre patrol smaller body with x power to weight ratio

        both have the same power to weight ratio.

        the question is who has the higher top speed?

  • exora, waja n persona share the same manual gb from mitsu. It is always known that this mitsu is quite hard to shift especially 1st n 2nd gear. There is no technical solution becoz it is the characteristic n design, originally from mitsu. Only suggestion that i get from cbt is to use premium@fully synthetic gb oil which can reduce the stiffness,but it still there.

    • but neo G B shift quite nice but 3rd to 2nd is a bit notchy and a little grind.
      and nissan gb in saga ok but a little vague and rubbery.

      and some times like i drive gen 2 auto it needs hard on the throttle to down shift,
      and for saga auto up hill downshift is delayed could caused engine pingging, just like eco mode rather than sport setting, weather the shift pattern is like so, or its the effect of some lethargic character from the engine.which unmatched the gb

      no wonder they now choose cvt now, bye bye mitsu gb. not to mention the issue of perdana.

  • not only bcoz of prob, also becoz of accessibility to the gb itself. Mitsu is so stinggy in given proton to play with its powertrain, the same case happened to inspira, but luckily they managed to give oil cooler to inspira cvt where even mitsu lancer dont have that.

    • Even if Mitsu allow Proton access to the old 4-Speeder, there is nothing much we can do either. So I would say bravo to Proton for its CVT gb.

      P/S: I have TD Saga FLX CVT and I was so impressed with it. Considering the price of the car, it is worth it.

  • nak TD ape bro…aku dah pegi 5 showroom proton takde pun TD car saga flx se..bile tny jawapan salesman tak pape…ckp same je dgn saga flx 1.3…tak membantu langsunng..

  • Power train TIMING BELT or TIMING CHAIN? nowdays, almost of the car back to timing chain because the low maintaining cost. Can somebody find out for us… i still at australia for work for a week..

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