Proton/Giugiaro EMAS Country di Geneva 2011


Proton/Giugiaro EMAS Country terpaksa mengambil alih tempah VW GO di Geneva 2011 kerana kereta konsep tersebut sedang mengadakan “European Tour” nya.. jadi Italdesign terpaksa la ambil clay model ni sebagai ganti, tapi logo Proton telah digantikan dengan logo Giugiaro, namun masih mengekalkan namanya yang asal..

the authorMohd Izarul
Pereka grafik berjiwa otomotif


  • Actually the EMAS design is owned by Giugiaro. Before this, they keep searching for any carmaker who willingly to produced it and Proton come along. So they working together on the EMAS concept. Proton was introduced by EMAS concept when they first engaging Giugiaro to design Persona replacement a.k.a. Persona R. When VW bought Giugiaro, the design technically owned by VW via Giugiaro. So that’s why we keep hearing last few months on Proton to use Nissan March platform for the upcoming EMAS. Maybe it is due to this situation. By the way, I think Proon have a lot of talent to design good looking car. Proton can also use Donato Coco from Lotus for the future line-up.

  • yup everything is about saving cost, better management, better winning ventures on both sides and placing ur design/technology with good branding quality.

    btw, nissan GTR used Lotus engineering consultancy and tech. Lotus learned alot and nissan with proton got some point of good understanding plus considering the Renault+F1+Nissan stuff.

    theres many way to produce a car, from new bottom to top, major facelift, reskin and swapping current part for a better new design.

    i guess VW can really produce this such concept by italdesign but they also understand that it aint wrong for proton to came up with similar spec or styling because what they had before.

  • mmm… selagi emas country nie proton tak hasilkn lagi dlm bentuk mas production, selagi tu italdesign giugiaro ada hak utk guna clay model tu (tukar logo dll.). Model nie masih dlm bentuk concept jer. Itu ar utungnya pihak ketiga yg mereka bentuk model nie. Selalunya bila model nie dah confirm utk mass production dah tentu rekabentuknya akan di patern kn. Dan ketika tu guigiaro dah x de hak utk tukar logo atau buat apa2 kat model tu Sbb dah menjadi hak proton sepenuhnya. Nape proton Emas yg lain x de kat geneva tu atas logo guigiaro?… Mgkin sebab proton dah confirm utk mass production menjelang 2012 nanti dan italdesign dah x leh pamer model tu atas logonya lagi… hehehe…

    my 2 cents.


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