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Satria GTi bakal menerima makeover dari R3


Salina Hisham telah menjadi pemenang ke-empat program “My PROTON Makeover”. Kereta Satria GTinya bakal mendapat sentuhan makeover dari unit R3. Bagaimanakah R3 akan mengubahsuai kereta ini? Kita nantikan hasilnya tak lama lagi. Kemungkinan Satria GTi Salina Hisham akan lebih nampak berotot lepas ni.  😉


SUBANG JAYA, 10 February 2012 – PROTON Holdings Berhad today announced the fourth winner of the “My PROTON Makeover” programme, Salina Hisham, who receives a complete makeover of her Satria GTi from the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports.

This programme was rooted in-line with PROTON’s “Committed to be better” brand promise that reflects PROTON’s efforts at improvement, particularly towards quality and customer care by acknowledging and rewarding faithful customers of PROTON who have supported the national car maker over the last 26 years.

The elated Science Officer from Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru had submitted a photo-entry featuring two Satrias belonging to her and her husband – which ultimately received the thumbs up from judges. “I received the phone call from PROTON in December informing me that the photo entry that I submitted for the makeover had won, but was not really sure which car they were referring to as the photo had both our cars in it.”

“I was a bit jealous when they said they were referring to my husband’s Satria GTi but then again I felt it was the perfect gift for him considering the day we were informed of our windfall was our wedding anniversary,” she added.

Salina and her husband, Hafiz bin Mohd Hashim, a Quality Control Inspector based in Singapore, are both avid Proton Satria fans, having met at a car club event. Salina, who drives a Satria Neo and is part of the Satria Neo Club, first met Hafiz, a member of the Satria GTi Club, on an inter-club “Sunday drive” on 21 December 2008. They have since been inseparable, with the month of December being a celebratory month for them.

PROTON Motorsports Head of Engineering of the R3 unit, Tengku Djan Ley admitted that his team had eagerly awaited the arrival of the Satria GTi when told about the winning entry.  “Compared to the previous cars that we have made-over, this car is naturally sportier than the others,” stated Tengku Djan, referring to the Satria GTi which was the first line of Proton cars that had Lotus Ride & Handling DNA injected into them.

The couple’s PROTON Satria GTi will be stripped down completely and given special treatment inside out.

“From the first look, car has been well maintained and we can tell when an owner appreciates his car. As we start taking it apart, we will analyse its inner conditions to see what areas we need to work and improve on. We will also be focusing on making his machine run smoother. As you know, the Satria GTi has its history with Lotus and we look forward to ensuring that it is tuned to that level of quality and performance,” Tengku Djan added.

“I had a short chat with the owner, Hafiz and he is very knowledgeable about cars and the history of the Satria. He had expressed an interest to see his car bearing more of the Lotus identity, particularly wearing the traditional Lotus Racing Green. It will definitely give it a unique look, as all Satria GTis were produced only in silver,” said Tengku Djan. He also noted that it will be interesting to see what other extras can be added on to the car.

“We will definitely work on the suspension to enhance the handling aspect of the car. Depending on our resources we will also be exploring other options, such as the possibility of upgrading his braking system, along with certain components that were designed specifically for the M24 platform, which the Satria is built on, to see if it will give the car a bit more muscle,” he said.

PROTON’s Director of Group Marketing, Branding and Motorsports, John D. Chacko, was proud to present the couple with their win, as it made their anniversary month of December one to remember.

“It is not often that we hear of couples where both partners equally love cars, and we are truly honoured that they believe in PROTON’s capabilities. Considering the impact that our cars have had in their lives, we are proud to reward Hafiz and Salina with this makeover, as we strive to uphold our vision of being ‘Committed to be Better’, not just in the quality of cars we produce, but in the services we provide to Proton car owners. I am sure they will be very eager to see the results of Tengku Djan and the R3 team”, Chacko said.

“My PROTON Makeover” initiative required submissions of personal and heart-warming stories involving contestants and their Proton cars, with the best five stories winning a complete car makeover.

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