SPYSHOTS : KIA Forte 2013


Ketika kita tengah sibuk tunggu spyshots P3-21A, dalam diam-diam KIA rupanya dah mulakan ujian atas model Forte 2013. Mungkin model kali ini dibangunkan atas platform Avante baru. Jika diperhatikan memang ada banyak perbezaan dengan model sekarang terutama bentuk gril depan yang seakan-akan KIA Optima.

* Bila la nak dapat spyshots baru P3-21A yang lebih jelas & tak bergerak macam ni. Kalau dapat shot interior adalah satu bonus, hehehe… 🙂

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  • mmm… besarnya ‘punggung’ nya:) Nie satu segment dgn persona R ker? Apa2 pun harap pesona R lebih baik drp si ‘punggung’ besar nie:)


  • wah dah ada turbo ke? perasan tak ada lubang kat bonet depan tu, huhu
    pastu tgk kat gril depan bahagian bwh, rasanya mmg kia dah target utk keluarkan forte dgn enjin turbo slps ni

  • off topic. Just read something interesting at, new owner of saga flx report on fc, for rm 35.70, manage to get 245km which translate 13km perlitre. 70pcent town 30 pcent highway, speed average 80-90kmh n sometimes 100-110kmh. For a new car with tight engine especially cast iron block,this is really good. After running in the engine,it will be better. One more thing,he mentioned the highest rev he had done was 2.5k rpm only. Wow,pretty low for 1.3 engine even for overtake which he mentioned some times he over take other cars.

    • mat that was flattering,
      considering 70 percent in town, i would suspect the non-cvt will best managed at 19 cents or might go for 20 cents. (non plus iafm wth 4 speed mitsubishi tranny)

      so this is batter than what the spec has to offer, if that so, the FLX is really worth buying. a tuned iafm+ with cvt are really giving a PLUS POINT,
      i would suggest proton organized a MERDEKA journey for FLX owners to testimony this success of a true peoples car.

      • city drive involve stop and as well as creeping in jam and sometime the car shod 70 km/h also start off at green light. so its hard to say what is the avg speed.
        all i can say city drive involves gear ratio went up and down very frequently.

        on the other hand at highway mostly the travels at constant speed and most of the time its in the top gear or overdrive ratio.

        so in town or city. CVT will match a correct driving ratio precisely without any delay and the power transmit grips optimally linear according to the load, no slips of the traditional torque converter. or no over-gearing where a traditional automatic waits for its up-shift.

        on the highway or at any constant speed the cvt will give the lowest reduction as possible. for example, the FLX test car giving the value less than 2500 at slight light descending gradient at 100.

        this seemed how cvt contributes to lower FC.

        but i think proton can also at least do something to its mitsu 4at. for example 3rd and 4th gear ratio revised. or very simply or lazy enough just change its final reduction gear.
        i think saga is more suited if it with gen2 which its ratio-ed 3000rpm at 110kmh. and the smaller tire of the saga , probably give a real speed of 108 or 109km/h wit the gen2 GB.
        this will at least gives some saving during outstation.
        since proton has CVT to with, mitsu 4at is no longer an issue. but for the current owner of BLM or FL they might baffle about this

  • em,actually, for auto tranny, campro,campro iafm,campro cps has same gearing ratio n final drive except for exora. Only the manual one differ coz saga used achikikai while gen2 used mitsu even for its 1.3 limited edition :-).
    But i agree with awak,why not just put exora final drive to the others? Or maybe this will translate worst fc? So maybe they already know that.maybe somebody from pwrtrain department can clarify this.

    • yes mat as i look through all 4 gear ratio in most proton model is the same. like waja f4a41.
      even the saga f4a4a do have the same ratio in 4 gears. its so true that proton only play with its final drive ratio. and it seemed quite a limit for proton to be flexible with F4a.. one final drive changed all 4 sets changed.its a kind of thinking of mitsubishi gearbox in the era of late 90s and early y2000.

      nowadays driving is more demanding on B road at the same time lots of stretched gearbox needs a wider range of ratio to be able picking up safely as well as economical at a long journey. going cvt is brilliant. its programable, simpler and lighter and the best part is its efficient.

      we hope proton train enough engineers or technicians in helping a sustainability of the cvt system in malaysia cuz its for peoples car.

  • yes i think they carry over waja tranny to other models and play around with final drive. i dont know about exora gearbox series weather same but with different final drive or its another series of mitsu considering its weight in relation to ratio spread. normally misu have like f4a41 f4a42
    saga is lighter car and they have a f4a4a. maybe waja gen2 persona and neo have a single type but varies in final ratio.

    car with designated final r. if change to lower final r. it might cruise relax econonomically but worst in town because one have to floor paddle due to heavy to move. unless the torque is mod to be increased, other words upped C.C.

    to be accurate we have to go down to the owners manual with its complete series and spec.

    for the manual gatreg do not play with final drive ratio, but they play with ratio spread.
    1.3 and 1.6 have a fixed same final drive ratio . but the both differ in 1 2 3 4 5 gearset .
    so gaterg is batter trim in town and highway.

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