SPYSHOTS : P3-21A (Persona R) ditemui lagi!!!


Gambar terkini P3-21A (Persona R) telah berjaya dirakam oleh bro Chong Han Kim salah seorang peminat blog Kali ini jelas kelihatan bahagian belakangnya walaupun masih lagi penuh dengan koyok. Kelihatan lampu signal,undur & brek menggunakan LED, tapi ini sebenarnya lampu sementara yang digunakan untuk “camouflage” lampu asalnya yang mempunyai bentuk yang amat berbeza. Lampu brek ketiga juga menggunakan LED.

Gambar ini telah diambil dari paultanblog di Facebooknya.  🙂

the authorMohd Izarul
Pereka grafik berjiwa otomotif


  • sayang 1st pic tu, still xnmpk sgt interior / dashboard mcmana…maybe next time kalu spyshooter dr position tinggi sket leh nmpk dalaman lg jelas..

  • aku rasa la kan lampu2 tu dummy je just leh nyala , dia tampal ala2 lampu blkg lori selalu pkai tu, actual pnye barang masih rahsia lagi..

  • last time there’s a deal with oz manufacturer for superchargers and 500 unit of superchargers are said to be installed in satria neo. and an also the intention to manufacture these unit here…

    when will we be seeinga true satria spots car?
    how wil it prospect the proton, will it be another alternative to the cfe, or its meant for R3 tuner.
    with additional power, should the transmission be reworked for both power and economy.?

    another mystery and another wait…………..

  • harap2 bila bukak bonet blakang, pakai sistem hidrolic mcm current persona….bukan cam saga @ waja…baru boleh masuk brg maksimum…x sangkut kt engsel bonet…

  • hmmm…
    pernah usha meter cluster dalam kete ni masa hntr part kat rnd proton..
    meter die kurang menarik…
    flat and font yg bosan…
    warna illumination plak, sy tataw sbb x boleh nak try key on…
    kalau warna illumination pun buruk, lagi teruk ar kot…
    body dah cantik, tp meter cluster pun penting gak sbb nak tgk hari2…
    cube la buat mcm inspira…at least ade tekstur yg bulat2 tu…
    ip dashboard pun nmpk bosan, tp sbb masih prototype part kot…
    tolong la ubah meter cluster design tu…

    • sy dah tgk meter persona-r tp kalau compare meter p2 myvi baru lg cantik meter myvi baru. senang cite design meter persona-r lebih kurang mcm meter waja la. meter persona r ni illumination warna merah gitu dan lcd lebih besar.

      • Meter kurang menarik mungkin sebab Proton nak P3-21A mampu bersaing dari segi harga, kalau betul satu kerugian..alang-alang nak tembus pasaran global lebih baik design sehabis cantik..

      • aku xske meter yg flat.

        ni cdgn aku.

        1. boleh x kiranya diorg ni cuba tgh dial face jam tangan.
        cuba tgk antara yg pasar malam dgn yg butik.
        nmpk x bezanya?
        bezanya yg butik, detailing lg teliti..3D, tekstur..yg cmtu la org tgk.

        2. kalu boleh, at certain speed, jarum indicator tu berubah warna,
        e.g, drive 90km/h, jarum jd oren – agresif.

        tp xpe, kita tgk dulu cmne.

      • hmmm…kalau side impact nak target 5 star…meter combi takkan xleh wat 5 star kan?
        dgrnye hot press stamping utk A panel…tp meter combi takkan rm100 je?
        dah ade ESP etc…bagi la semua sama rata…just my 2 cents…

  • another thing we hope that proton will provide us with is adjustable reach steering which it will sort the problem of ergonomics since different people at the same size sit in different driving position. im having this problem too, i dont like cramped feet but i dont like the steering too far so steering reach will sort this out.

    let people feel comfortable with proton cars, (important)

    • for now proton have height adj. if telescopic added, things would be batter.

      if tilt adj included then its the super complete package,
      but for now height+telescopic if incorporates in proton cars it will be good enough to solve problems to anybody who are so particular about driving position

  • i hope this model will be vvt ready as planned. no sure because saga flx dropped it due to the cost, but for this bigger car i think vvt is a must

    and for the cfe this car will be a hot cakes.

  • yup bro awak,hopefully they have tilt and telescopic steering adjustment, driven ford focus before,it really convinience that we can adjust it forward or backward. For persona r meter combi, i think it is the best from proton, but i have to admit that new myvi lg best had better appearence. Nonetheless, beauty lies on the eye of the beholder. They r more than meets the eye in persona r combi which i saw big lcd display in the middle,maybe a lot of info will be displayed there. Cannot say much bcoz only saw it in a glance by a friend,didnt manage to copy it. The dash look simple yet for me, better than other protn i have seen. I also notice that that gear console has manual override(+-),different from saga flx, ha…ha…

  • another unconfirmed info mentioning that persona r will have diff tune in ride n handling according to region,road condition n preference. It will be the best proton ever in term ride n handling. Also been informed that the dimension is exactly as proton tuah but in different skin.

    • haa besar jugak tu kalau dimension mcm tuah, ok la lbh krg inspira
      mari bandingkan :
      Tuah/Espire : 4,540mm long, 1,775mm wide, 1,505mm height, 2,650mm wheelbase
      Inspira : 4570 mm length , 1760 mm width , 1490 mm height,2635mm wheelbase

  • proton already outdated so many …. no want compare with japan korea, we compare with china automotive company(only 10 year plus plus) have own engine, the engine have CVVT ….now proton only have own engine coming with VVT

    Before Proton Waja have 4 airbags for export version, nevermind ….

    Now ESC no give option to our Malaysia, but Australia every S16 have ESC …. disappointed

    Proton don’t forget Malaysia is your home country,Why every good thing export to foreign …. SAD

    • Sebelum tu, Cube tengok demografi negeri china. Pasal Aper teknologi sana cepat berkembang dan Industri sana cepat berkembang.
      China negara die LUAS SANGAT. Jadi pasaran besar. Bile pasaran besar target market/customer besar. Biler target market besar, pelanggan pun banyak. Bile Pelanggan banyak maka BANYAKLAH VENUE. Bile dah banyak venue, leh la beli teknologi. Bile dah boleh beli teknologi, baru la Nampak Maju.
      Malaysia lak Negara yg KECIL MOLEK. Pasaran kecil la.Bile pasaran kecil, maka target market kecil. Bile Target market kecil, pelanggan pun sikit. Bile pelanggan sikit, maka sikit la untung. Bile dah sedikit untung, nak beli teknologi pun kena yg mana ok pasal kewangan.

      Jangan samakan P1 ngan Chinese car maker cik abang oi. Mmg sama jer sistem and dlm industri yg sama, tapi skop masing2 lain. Geely, BYD and etc semua bangun teknology sendiri sebab deorg mampu. Kalau P1 buat, agaknyer aderjer org kata membazir la and etc.
      Fikir2 kan la..

      • Singapore small than Malaysia, Why Singapore is better than Malaysia ?

        this is no excuse ….. not the problem big and small

        the failure of Proton is the exporting, Proton very rely domestic market ….
        Chery became the 7th most-productive Chinese vehicle manufacturer in 2010(1st car produce in 1999), now they export already exceed Proton ….

        Persona R is the 1st global car of Proton, i hope Persona R can success in globalization market, if not 2016 open market Proton will “makan sendiri” …most of the Malaysian sure support Japan car than Proton in same price area

      • Haiz ni tak faham, lain negara lain demographic, lagi2 dalam bab economy, Singapore dah kecik sangat, tapi kecik negara tu disebabkan kedudukan yang amat strategik, satu lagi kenapa company China senang up sebab kos nak develop technology memang murah kat sana, kos buruh pun ciput, satu lagi tak guna bila export banyak kualiti hampeh, nak tanya gak Chery ada bagi full spec ke dalam safety feature untuk pembeli pasaran China, Chery ni tak silap pun gov-related.
        Kadang2 ada sesetengah safety features ni tak guna wujud kat Malaysia, tapi yang paling penting, cara bawak kereta tu yang penting, nak belok tu bagi la signal awal sikit, dah tau lembab duduk la lane kiri.Apa2 pun kita tunggu perubahan yang akan ada pada model baru Proton nanti.

    The moment its drive off instant smooth delivery felt.The engine has no trace of over revved. Drive sedately the engine will gives you the optimum engine speed as possible. Not until you are a bit hard on the throttle the rev free up a bit. I only managed to the speed 100km/h, with me and a sales person in the cat riding 100kmh, the needle shows 2500rpm is a truth. The car feels relaxed. Constant input of the torque is felt rather than revving up to catch the horsepower in normal 4 speed AT.
    4 speed AT.. Over revved thats what Japanese mitsu gives when the gearbox is cold. And when the Japanese gearbox is well cooked its shifts up prematually causing under geared. Previous campro iafm has character and simply its do not match with Japanese gearbox,
    This FLX feels refined. Although not yet a vvt in, i think the newly tuned engine gives batter torque somewhere as the car felt responsive. Its is the most refined proton i have ever felt, tell me waja, gen 2, or neo, surprisingly this saga is the most refined so far,
    Another thing that strikes me is handling. Through corner it feels flat. Its no longer leaning body of BLM when corner. Its unfair to say the handling is nearly satria neo. Yes the suspension is stiffened a bit and its evidence with a little jarring ride but it not to say its uncomfortable. Its just nice balance between comfort and control. When proton said saga BLM is handling by lotus ,i would say its a lie. But FLX shines in handling department.

      • although i haven’t try its manual version , i happened to spot one a silver FLX, could be the manuals which is still on the transporter. the getrag manuals 5th gear push the car 100km/h at 3000rpm. for its 1.3 therefore CVT 1.3 is tuned more on relaxed drive at 2500rpm.

        but according to the calculation the 1.6 manual ( not yet known for its launched ) will result a 115km/h at 3000rpm on 5th gear is considerably having a good overdrive set of ratio.

        i think the 1.6 will debut a more exciting product from proton probably with the released of myvi 1.5 the FLX 1.6 will set it as a car to compete. or simply might win hands down.

        i think 1.6 FLX CVT will simply out-do even the more expensive vios or city interm of power and the smoothness. let the vios fans drive 1.6 CVT. FLX. they will be in a state of shock. probally i am over estimating proton,,but let us wait and see…

        (my peception of proton car after a recent test drive an FLX) he he. it could be right and it will be a boom from proton. so i suggest a test rive carnival to bring those people back to earth to reality instead of talking about the oldies of a faulty power window.

  • unknown,,no manual at the showroom i went.
    savvy 88, maybe proton should later design the sticker handling by proton.

    i was supprised last time when proton said saga is handling by lotus when i drove one it couldnt attack corners. so thats why i said proton lies.

    now came the FLX with good handling, shows that proton now is capable of chassis tuning.
    they need a badge handling by proton..(need bro camp to design or proposed the badge)

    so far im satisfied. and very impressed…. cvt, retuned engine, retuned ssuspension do gives a great change in the feel for a batter peoples car.

    salesman says lots of order have been placed, im proud,,,,,,,

      • great
        proton, can u give a brief comment on the manual
        i think for 1.3 . cvt gives a batter return compare to 1.3 manual in term of fc.

        batter choose the cvt if 1.3 version

        for 1.6 manual it already has a good overdrive ratio. people who are intended for manual .1.6 is recommended.
        anyway 1.6 .has not yet released but it might be in the pipe line.
        and maybe 1.6 cvt is the best of all.

      • @awak,

        Personally, CVT is better be it for 1.3 or 1.6.

        As for the manual version, I can’t really compare coz I never get my hands on manual (Aichi Kikai) Saga before. Anyway, I believe it is suffice to say that gearshift was good and smooth.

        Perhaps you could give it a try and report nack to us as I believe you can do the comparison between the Aichi Kikai and Getrag units.

  • Persona R.. saya teringat pula masa hangatnya isu Persona R pada awal kemunculan khabar tentangnya, di mana ia direkabentuk oleh Italdesign giugiaro.. dah jarang kita dengar tentang perkara itu, lebih-lebih lagi setelah munculnya foto-foto model ini ketika berada di jalanraya.. hehe~ saja nak timbulkan balik (harap saya tidak ketinggalan info2 berkenaan Persona R ni..).. Jadi, adakah model yang menggunakan kod P3-21A ini merupakan model gantian Persona yang direkabentuk oleh Italdesign giugiaro seperti model Emas..? Ada apa2 info terkini tentang rekabentuknya ni..? 🙂

  • if we are talking buying proton cars there are many more to come, upgrading the engine transmission as well as newer models like this. so for a start FLX is a sample of proton refinement over its range. but still iafm+, cfe vvt , turbo, or supercharged or emas at least within our knowledge. but not yet on the road nor we know them in what models or segments. so its hard to make the best choice like the sportiest, the best value, an so on.
    to play it safe maybe we just have to wait until 2012 first half if we are patient enough.

    i do consider a satria neo as a sportier model, but inspira could be faster or i might loose out to exora cfe. or the sportiest is p3 21a hatchback maybe the next iconic proton sports car?.
    yesssssss , simply have to wait and wait.

    but, personaly who does decide to own an FLX (entering the modern era) its the best choice for now, no regret. i have a friend who ask me about what saga FLX has to offer, i told him all about it . guess what happened,he went straight to the showroom and now he is so excited waiting to get his new ride.

  • DSZ dah keluar statement tak mau jadi no.1 di Malysia, tapi utamakan kualiti produk dan servis terbaik. Syabas. Jangan termakan momokan MD Perodua jadi best seller sahaja.

    Asked whether the company could overtake Perodua in total sales in the second half, he said: “To be number one is not our objective. Our priority is to introduce the best models in the market and provide good service.”

    • suka statement nie….. best model, good service…. service yg lama sangat ditunggu2 perubahan… tak kira SC, icare.. 24 hours breakdown…… banyak yg perlu diperbaiki terutama sikap pekerja yg below par

  • Syarikat Automobil China Kebanyakannya berasal dari Syarikat membuat barangan Military…. GLC jugak… hak milik Negara… bila dah bukak pasaran terbuka…. jadi Rebrand balik….

  • DSZ berpijak di bumi yang nyata…jangan ‘overconfident’. Let the products speak by itself. Thanks Awak for the FLX review. Like last time drove the Saga BLM, its handling dept. was the worst even if compared to Wira..but then Wira is the best in term of comfort. So if the FLX can beat the feeling of ‘sampan’ of the previous Saga…my bet, It must be very good.
    Hopefully, Persona R evolve and give a good package inside out in term of refinery fit and finish, no more wide gap at dashboard and its drawer, nice like ‘xtrail’ chill for water bottles, let it be the ‘wow’ product of 2012 for Proton.

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