Perodua bakal lancar model baru 14hb ini!



Perodua bakal melancarkan model facelift pada 14hb ini menurut laman Facebook myperodua. Menurut laman blog model tersebut adalah Myvi 1.3 SE yang bakal menggantikan model sebelumnya. Selain itu model ini didatangkan dengan pilihan warna terbaru Ozzy Orange. Jika diperhatikan pada teaser di atas, kemungkinan model tersebut adalah model Alza facelift. Apapun, kita nantikan kemunculannya!


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Pereka grafik berjiwa otomotif


    • There’s also the newly introduced Nissan Almeira, (i’m not too fond of it) and the Mitsubishi Mirage 2012 (very much like a viva+savvy meegrd together)Currently i’m in the same dillemma, but my budget is capped at 60-70k, which means effectively i’ll get a Myvi 1.3SE/1.5 or a Mitsu Mirage (both auto).the downpayment is a non-issue, but the recurring monthly payment + road tax + fuel expenses + maintenance comes into mind, and therefore I am going with either the two cars I’ve mentioned.Out of the list you’ve mentioned, the cars that i haven’t sat in/ drove were:- ford fiesta- suzuki swift ckd- prevebut as far as all proton models i’ve rode on and drove, i’ll say nay to Proton . Proton Preve is an exception here because i’ve NEVER sat in one nor drove one. Fuel consumption is terrible, despite initially very good F.C. That said, for affordability, i would recommend- Myvi. For tech and swag, (and they are VERY, VERY good cars, as far as i have heard from friends who actually bought them)- Ford Fiesta- Suzuki Swift.But remember Ross. You already got a big bike, and a superbike incoming. You may not need a really fast / big car. You may, if I may suggest to your thought, take a car that has very good FC, comfort (from sun and rain) and you can keep calm despite anything on the road (traffic jams, twists and turns and hills, etc):D have fun buying one!

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